Texas Star Farm


Jeff Wylie  the owner and head instructor of Texas Star Farm. I have competed/showed in hunter, hunter over fence, equitation, playday, trail, and a lot more! Currently I compete at local playdays, hunter/jumper shows, and ride on the Williamson County Sheriff's Posse mounted drill team. My dream is to continue to compete and move up the levels while running one of the best barns in Central Texas! I also love to watch people improve their riding and knowing I helped them with that just makes it even better! 

Big Red is a 13 year old American Quarter Horse red roan gelding. He is 15.3 hands tall and weighs 1150 pounds. Big Red was originally a ranch and roping horse. When we got him he was not very friendly and did not really like people, but now he is a lot better and he even seems to like people. Big Red is currently my playday horse and I only occasionally let anyone else ride him. 

Wyatt is a 26 year old registered American Quarter Horse sorrel gelding. He is 15.1 hands tall and weighs 900 pounds. Wyatt's registered name is Hold Native Tight. Wyatt was origanally a race horse and actually did win money in his racing career. He was my first horse and he still loves to run even in his old age.

Phancy is a 12 year old registered haflinger chesnut mare. She is 14.0 hands tall and weighs 930 pounds. Phancy was originally from Ohio. When we got her, she lived with her baby Apple in Dripping Springs. Phancy is about 100 pounds overweight now, but still has a lot of energy. Phancy is blonde and kind of a barbie horse. She loves attention and to be groomed. She's very sweet but a little on the spoiled side.

Caddo is a 12 year old appaloosa gelding. He is 14.1 hands tall and weighs 975 pounds. Before we bought Caddo I took lessons on him for years, but I had not seen him for a few years. He is of one of the laziest horses I have ever seen. He is so lazy that if he is turned out it can take him 5 minutes to walk back to his food bucket at feeding time. Caddo is one of the safest horses there is because he is too lazy to do anything bad.

Sunny is a 14 year old registered thoroughbred gelding. He is 17 hands tall and weighs 1200 pounds. Sunny's registered name is Go Cart. When Sunny was young he was a race horse. In his racing career he won over $10,000. Since then he has been an English show horse and a lesson horse. Sunny is not often used in our program, but sometimes our more advanced students do get a chance to ride him.

The Donkeys, we have five miniature donkeys including two one year olds. The donkeys love attention and to be petted. Their personalities are a lot like big dogs, but most of the time they are even friendlier than dogs. Sometimes the babies will even lie in your lap. During camp you will get to spend a lot of time with them!