Texas Star Farm




We teach English and Western riding at the beginner and intermediate levels. Lessons can be very serious or more laid back depending on the student. We try very hard to make all lessons fun! To do this, we play a lot of games on horses and have a lot of variety in our lessons.

We offer two kinds of private lessons.

1. One hour private lessons are $50.00. This lesson includes about 40 minutes of riding and 20 minutes of saddling, grooming, etc.

2. One and a half hour private lessons are $65.00. This lesson includes about 55 minutes of riding and about 35 minutes of saddling, grooming, etc. With this lesson, it is also possible to get instruction in basic horse care including, feeding, de-worming, training, lunging, basic vet care, and more. Note if you wish to learn horse care it will take time away from riding and grooming. 

Home school lessons are available before 2pm Monday-Friday at $5 less than the regular prices.

Semi-private (2 riders) lesson prices: 1 hour $90. 1.5 hour $115.

For bigger groups please call for pricing.

Weekly lesson plans and lesson packages are available at a discounted price.

Please call us at 512-983-3103 for more information.

We hope to see you out at the barn very soon! To schedule a lesson or if you have any question please give us a call! We are always available to help our current and future students!

For your first lesson please wear pants, closed toed shoes, and allow an extra 15 minutes to fill out our forms. Thanks!